“Enriching YOUR Life, Business & Career! Empowering YOUR Self Discovery & Growth!”

  • Transforming Mindsets
  • ‘I’ ‘M’ ‘Possible’
  • ‘I’ ‘M’ ‘Perfect’
  • We 'LISTEN'

Your ‘MIND' is Our ‘BUSINESS

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“Orchestrating Music (YOUR MIND) to  Create Melodies - (YOUR SOLUTIONS) - aha!momentzz”

“Enriching YOUR Life, Business & Career! Empowering YOUR Self Discovery & Growth!”

  • Transforming Mindsets
  • ‘I’ ‘M’ ‘Possible’
  • ‘I’ ‘M’ ‘Perfect’
  • We 'LISTEN'

Your ‘MIND' is Our ‘BUSINESS

“Orchestrating Music (YOUR MIND) to  Create Melodies (YOUR SOLUTIONS) aha!momentzz”


- NLP Practitioner, Corporate Trainer, Public Speaker -
Organisational Development, Leadership & Personal Consultant

Colonel Maneesh Sharma is a certified Coach, NLP Practitioner, Corporate Trainer and Consultant with a zeal to empower YOUR Self-Discovery to Enrich YOUR Lives, Careers, &/or Businesses.

Coach – Certification from Grow More Avenues (International Coaching Federation (ICF) Approved Coach Training Program – 80 hrs).

NLP Practitioner – Certification from Success Mantra Trainers Program (Neuro-Linguistics Programming (NLP), Life Coaching & Basics of Clinical Diagnosis – 30 hrs).


Proven and Time-tested Coaching Process

World’s largest organization of personal coaches, The International Coach Federation (ICF), which is committed…

Simple and Powerful

Based on years of research and experience, the tools we use are simple yet powerful truths. It is brain based and ignites the power…

Professionally Certified Coaches

Our Coach is an accomplished Professional Coach, NLP Practitioner, Corporate Trainer & Consultant in the fields of Life,…


Ask Yourself (A little ‘INTROSPECTION’)


• Feel Lost.
• Let Fear hold YOU back.
• Think YOU are Not Good Enough.

Do YOU Need To?

• Focus.
• Be more Decisive.
• Improve Relationships.

Do YOU Need To?

• Be more Optimistic.
• Get new Ideas & Insights.
• Feel more Confident.

Do YOU Need?

• Better Time Management.
• Help with Transition.
• Fulfilment.

Are YOU Facing Issues Related To?

• Emotion 'or' Behaviour.
• Image 'or' Presence.
• Career.

Are YOU Facing Issues Related To Transition?

• Military to Corporate Transition.
• Life Transition.
• Relationship Transition.


Coaching Services








YOU need help with


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  • International Coaching Federation (ICF) defines Coaching as partnering with Clients in a thought-provoking and creative process that inspires them to maximize their personal and professional potential, which is particularly important in today’s uncertain and complex environment. Coaches honour the Client as the expert in his or her life and work and believe every Client is creative, resourceful and whole.
  • Standing on this foundation, the Coach’s responsibility is to:-
    • Discover, clarify, and align with what the Client wants to achieve.
    • Encourage Client self-discovery
    • Elicit Client-generated solutions and strategies
    • Hold the Client responsible and accountable.
  • Imagine having the support of someone who –
    • Champions your success as much as you do.
    • Will ask great questions to encourage you to tap into your own well of resources, to find the solutions you didn’t know you had.
    • Will challenge you to expand your horizons and see things from different perspectives and viewpoints.
  • A Coach is a professional trained in Coaching skills and ethics as provisioned by an internationally acclaimed governing bodies like ICF. She/he helps you to identify your goals and develop an actionable plan to achieve them. A Coach follows a systematic coaching approach to assist you to maximize your full potential and reach your desired results. You can choose to work with a Coach on both professional and personal fronts.
  • A Coach is this someone/professional and a lot more.

Ability to Build Rapport

Deep Listener

Non- Judgmental


Powerful Questioning

Service Orientation

Exhibit ICF Core Coaching Competencies

Abide by ICF Ethics and Code Of Conduct

Clear Vision

With a Coach YOU get to See/Discover (see the forest for the trees).


With a Coach YOU get to achieve Focus on YOUR Vision, Goals & Strategy (One-to-One Focus).

Time Efficient

With a Coach YOU get to be more Efficient/Effective over time (a partner to help you stretch).

Outside Perspective

With a Coach YOU get to be ‘Told Like It Is’ (no frills).

Experience & Dedication

With a Coach YOU get to benefit from his experience and dedication.


With a Coach YOU get a Confidante (friend to confide in) for life.

Strategy & Tactics

With a Coach YOU get to develop long/intermediate/short term ACTION Strategy/Tactics for Growth & Development (structured pre-defined coaching sessions)

Assistance in All Areas (Consultant & Friend For Life (CFFL))

With a Coach YOU get free access to a Consultant & Friend For Life (CFFL) with a stake in YOU & YOUR Success/Growth/Development/Dreams.


With a Coach YOU become aware of YOUR Absolute Ownership & Commitment, Responsibility & Accountability & YOUR Actions to realise YOUR Goals (Immediate, Real-Time Practice & Manifestation).

Life Purpose




Self Esteem

Team Building

Inability to Learn Quickly


Life & Career Transition


Spiritual Purpose & Spirituality

Career Management

Balance of Life/Work

Anxiety & Negative Emotions

Old Age

Conflict Resolution & Communication

Self Confidence

Limiting Beliefs & Habits




Time Management

Business – Planning, Vision/Mission, Strategy/Tactics, Growth/Development, Profits/ROI/Outcomes

Workforce Management

Self Confidence

Conflict Resolution


Time Management

Positive Thinking & Motivation

New Perspectives/Insights



Clarity & Focus

Getting Rid of Limiting Beliefs

Taking Advantage of Your Strengths & Resources




Solutions to Specific Work-Related Issues

Work-Life Balance


Learning & Development

Clarity in Roles & Objectives

Ownership, Responsibility & Commitment

Culture Change

Quality Of Life

People Skills & Resources

Morale & Satisfaction

Faster & More Effective Emergency Response

Leadership Skills

Work Force Management

Job Engagement

Winning Strategies

Career Advancement

Staff Development & Retention

  • Ask yourself (introspect) “How much have I (MY Life, Business & Career) grown in the last year?”
  • Then ask yourself (introspect) “If not NOW, then When?”, “If not ME (YOU) then Who?”
  • Get started on YOUR journey of Self Discovery – Growth – Development – Realising Dreams.
  • YOUR Present for YOUR Transformed Future – Realising YOUR
  • YOU own the process from the beginning to forever.
  • Our packages are customised for YOU and designed to YOUR


– Initially the effort may seem to be more as YOU :-

  • Transform YOUR Mindset to ‘I’ ‘M’ ‘Possible”
  • Set/Re-Define YOUR
  • Re-Organise YOUR
  • Implement YOUR Revised Tactics.
  • Achieve YOUR Recognition/Success/Growth/Development.

– Before you realise, it flows into YOUR way of life as natural as breathing & routine; although in a more stimulating manner with YOUDoing What YOU Love & Loving What YOU Do!’

– It is YOUR Transformation & YOU set/control/own it; YOU get to believe in YOURSELF.

  • Coaching engagement is a formal agreement between a Coach and YOU (The Client/Coachee) to work together for specific time period towards achieving YOUR set goals.
  • Put in simple words, when a Coach interacts with YOU (The Client/Coachee) for an hour or so it is called a Coaching Session and a series of Coaching Sessions conducted periodically over a period of 6-12 months is called a Coaching Engagement.
  • Typically, Coaching Engagements involve agreeing on the agenda for the Coaching Sessions, number of Coaching Sessions, roles and responsibilities of the Coach & YOU (The Client/Coachee), logistics involved etc.
  • Coaching can be conducted both face-to-face & online, as mutually agreed by the Coach & YOU (The Client/Coachee).
  • Solutions to issues affecting YOUR Life, Career &/or Business, appreciably, require Deliberation And Time.
  • YOU address varied aspects of YOUR Dreams/Goals, gain knowledge, Transform YOUR Mindset & foremost Confidence to ‘Make Success a Habit’.
  • We recommend at least 365 days (or more) of working together towards YOUR Dreams/Goals & sustained Success/Growth/Development (Investing in YOURSELF).
  • Bouquets are tailored and curated to meet all YOUR requirements.
  • ICF is the leading global organization for coaches and coaching.
  • ICF is dedicated to advancing the coaching profession by setting high standards, providing independent certification and building a worldwide network of trained coaching professionals.
  • Achieving credentials through ICF signifies a coach’s commitment to integrity, understanding and mastery of coaching skills, and dedication to clients.
  • Consistently recognized among coaching professionals worldwide for:-
    • Developing coaching core competencies.
    • Establishing a professional code of ethics and standards.
    • Creating an internationally recognized credentialing program.
    • Setting guidelines through accreditation for coach-specific training programs.
    • Providing continuous education through world-class events, Communities of Practice (CPS) and archived learning.
    • Leading and informing conversations about the future of coaching.

“Be the Change You Always Wanted!
Feel the Difference & Be Delighted!”

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